Samantha H:

I have been dying to tell everyone who is selling their home to call Sandy! She exceeds expectations by far. She ”had my back” throughout the whole process, sold my house at the most optimum time. She was always there when I needed her, she was honest and most importantly, I trusted her! For example, she went out of her way to see a house I was interested in even though she was at the other end of the city and it was late in the day. She said if I was interested in this house, she needed to check it out for herself. She never wasted any time, was straightforward and always informed me of what was going on…a true professional (and damn good at her career!!) She found me my dream home, was with me with every step of the way, and sold my home far over the asking price! Without a doubt I will forever be singing her praises to my friends and co-workers who are selling their house to call Sandy.

FB Sutton:

I wish to thank Sandy for her great help in selling my property in Ajax. Sandy’s assistance in the process from the first day I met her was great. Even though I have been a Real Estate Lawyer for over fifty (50) years, she helped me through the process quickly and efficiently. Sandy’s extra help in dealing with a longtime tenant, and her willingness to check the house after the tenants moved was marvelous. Her efforts to ensure that the lawn was cut and the house was prepared for listing were a welcome help to this Vendor. Thanks again, and if I should sell another property, I would most certainly call upon Sandy’s services.

Lesley Ewing:                   

I offer a solid endorsement of Sandy Gardner, who was hired to represent the estate sale of a family home in Ajax. Sandy made an immediate positive impression with her competency, energy, analytic approach and ‘can-do’ attitude. She also brought flexibility and creativity when representing this out-of-province seller’s interests. She kept in constant communication and her contributions were invaluable to closing the sale. Sandy is an excellent communicator, a talented professional, and I highly recommend her service.

The Kurucz Family:

Selling our house with the help of Sandy Gardner was a really great experience! Our family had owned and lived in the house for over 50 years, so it was an important sale for us. Sandy shared her expertise on suggested renovations to bring it up to date, helped us arrange to get the renovation work done, brought in a staging exert to really show it off, and patiently worked with us through all the steps of preparation, listing, selling, and closing the sale. On top of all this, we were moving out of the province and the renovations and sale had to happen with us not in Ontario. Sandy handled the complicated logistics of this sale expertly!

Sandy is professional in every respect and very supportive and caring. From the start she took the time to understand our needs and goals and worked with warmth and genuine care to help us get to the finish line.

Of special note is that Sandy really held us to the highest price she thought the house was worth and told us repeatedly to be patient and wait for the right buyer rather than lowering it too soon. The house ultimately sold at a price we were very pleased with to a great new buyer who will enjoy living there.

How many real estate agents would put their client interests above their own incentives to have the house sold quickly but at a sacrifice of price? Thank you, Sandy!

J Tamo:

I am amazed by your commitment to the business and your level of service and professional handling of my situation. I will definitely keep you in mind when looking for any possible future purchases or sale. I will also refer people who may be looking for an agent Thanks so much!

D&M McDonald:

My wife and I decided we were moving and thought the process would take care of itself and it would be a breeze selling our house in Ajax. Then the realization hit that we would need a realtor. We were very skeptical about agents and thought about doing it ourselves or retaining the least inexpensive method of selling. By listening to others, we were strongly advised to find a realtor with knowledge and experience as it would pay dividends. By going this route, we found better exposure to the market and a personal interest in the process from the beginning.

We met with Sandy in her office and straight away I knew we were not dealing with an average agent, rather, someone who listened, answered all our questions and had a no-nonsense approach to the whole process. As a seller, you think to yourself, there doesn’t seem to be too much involved in selling your home, but were we proven wrong! There is a LOT of work undertaken by the realtor, with paperwork, signage, phone calls, e-mails, meetings, appointments & personal contact.

Sandy proved her worth at every stage, guiding us through the process thoroughly with straight talk and helpful suggestions and the outcome was fantastic. Her knowledge of the market is second to none, and the tips and suggestions provided by her certainly assisted our sale, with which we were very pleased.

Listen to the input Sandy provides and make the changes necessary to aid the sale of your home. We highly recommend Sandy to be your realtor and would not hesitate to use her services again. Sandy seems to live and breathe Real Estate and no matter when we needed to contact her, she was available and right there at every step along the way. If you want your home sold with an effective outcome, deal with Sandy and the pressure will evaporate once you meet and begin the process. You will be content knowing your home is in good hands.

D. Stewart:

I recommend Sandy for any of your real estate needs. She went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. Selling at a challenging time with 11 other homes for sale in my immediate neighborhood, Sandy got my sold home before any of the others. I cannot thank her enough for her expertise, professionalism, kindness and understanding through a stressful process (for me). Sandy you are the best by far!!!! Thanks so much for everything! I am so grateful that you came into my life.

D&G Wilkinson:

A huge thanks to Lynne and Sandy! My wife, family and I were preparing (inside and out) to sell our two investment homes in Ajax, and I was absolutely certain we were going to list with a real estate agent to show and sell them as vacant properties. After meeting with several agents, we finally went with Sandy Gardner from Royal LePage Connect. This was the best real estate agent decision we have ever made. Sandy suggested that we stage both houses and recommended professional Stager Lynn Sevink. I was dead set against this, as I just couldn’t believe that staging would get us a higher price – or help us sell faster. Well, it did. Both the homes looked better than I could have imagined. Our friends, family and potential buyers were so impressed, and both houses sold in just under a week…and for well over asking price. Thanks Lynne, and thanks again Sandy!

L. Selvarajah:

When I decided to sell my house, I called several realtors to inquire about their rates and decided to meet with a friendly and cheery woman from Royal LePage named Sandy Gardner. I told Sandy the circumstances that led me to the decision to sell my house. Although I was not completely ready to sell, I knew it was the best option for me at the time. Initially Sandy gave me ideas to help me keep the house, and was empathetic to how I was feeling. She helped me consider all of my options, and came up with a plan for me that would ensure that I could pay off all of my debts and walk away with a profit. I was extremely vulnerable at the time, and could have easily been taken advantage of.

Sandy was unique among the realtors that I surveyed, as she was never pushy and always wanted to hear my thoughts before proceeding. She met with regularly, and guided me through every step of the process —listing, staging, showing, etc.  If I had a complicated question, Sandy would go out of her way to do research and would always come back tome with an answer.

Very quickly I knew that I could trust Sandy. I asked Sandy to sell my house in 30 days and I’m sure you can appreciate the challenge of such a timeline. Astonishingly Sandy succeeded in selling it within 7 days! She is truly extraordinary. We had a lot to get done in a very short period of time. Sandy made us a timeline and checked on our progress regularly. She even went to the length of helping with minor repairs and patch ups! She’s incredibly handy, and experienced in home renovation.

I think what sets Sandy apart from others is that she has an instinct that you cannot learn or be taught. Her sharp eye, driven personality, and friendly demeanor makes her excel at what she does. She goes above and beyond to get you the best deal. Her positivity is contagious. But above all, it is her honesty, optimistic nature and her hard-working mindset that sets her apart in being the best realtor in the business. She is relatable and super friendly. She overcomes any awkwardness and language barrier with her warn smile and bubbly personality. She is like a supportive friend and a vivacious salesperson all in one.

In the end, I walked away with a small fortune, and a very positive experience. Sandy was able to sell my house at a much higher price than what other realtors had told me I could get. Sandy fought to get me the best deal, and always had my back. She effectively turned a very difficult time in my life to a more optimistic one. Her warm and thoughtful gestures encouraged me to turn things around. It has now been a year since I began the process of selling my house and I am much happier.  Whether this is your first time selling or not, Sandy is your best option. No one can match what she brings to the table. She is upfront with you and you can count on her to come through for you. She always has your best interest in mind and will work like no other to get you what you want.


David & Ursula D:

Professional and fun to work with, energetic and patient , we had a monster list of must haves and could not deviate from that. Sandy took the time to get to know what we wanted and when what we were looking for was not out there did a lot of out if the box thinking to try and get us what we were after. She hung in with us for almost a year and we now have our dream retirement home. We wholeheartedly recommended Sandy to help you find you next home.

F&A Merkaj:

I recommend Sandy 100 percent! I can’t find enough good words to say for her. She is simply the best at what she does!!! The most patient, positive, knowledgeable and professional Real Estate my wife and I ever met. We have a little story that explains that: we met Sandy almost a year ago at one of her open houses and chatting with her ( first impression) made us go back and look for her again, a year after.  She also has a great team that will look after your mortgage and other papers too.  Sandy introduced us to Hannah Stojanovski our mortgage broker that made our dream home come true. My wife and I can’t find enough words to thank them both and Sandy’s whole team! If Sandy can handle my wife (who is not easy to please😀) she can handle anyone! Thank you Sandy!

H&M Ahmed:

Sandy is an exceptional realtor who goes above and beyond to meet her clients’ needs. Her skills, experience and personality were instrumental in us purchasing our first home. She went above and beyond our expectations. Sandy’s guidance and assistance made a very intimidating process much easier. We thank her immensely for her support.


Hannah Stojanovski:

Sandy was amazing when I was looking for commercial office space. This was all new to me and she took the time to explain the process, and what all of the terminology meant. Thank you Sandy! We love our new office.